Full Print Zipper Jacket Hoodie

Full Print Zipper Jacket Hoodie

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Terms & Conditions for Custom Made No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

**Price can change anytime without any prior notice.

Sublimation Polyester/ Fabric Printing (Terms & Conditions)

  • Data must be provided in JPG/PNG/TIFF. We suggest using TIFF, choose Image Compression : LZW

  • For Resolution, we recommend 150 dpi / inch. Color mode : RGB 

  • For fabric width of 90 cm, the print area is 90 cm. For width 150 cm, maximum print area depend on the material, for detail information please visit Fabric Print and go to Material Tab NEW FEATURE - SHUTTERSTOCK : Save the preview image that have Shutterstock ID number. If you want do the seamless patterm, specify the size of the picture, for example, 15x15 cm. You can use image from image provider > Click here

  • Prepare design you want to print. Make sure data is on final format.

 Things to notice before the printing (Sublimation Polyester/ Fabric Printing)

  • The fabric width which will be used is 90 cm, 110 cm, and 150 cm. For the 90 cm and 110 cm width fabric, printing fabric area is full 90 cm and 110 cm. For the 150 cm, maximal printing area depends on the material, for the further information you can download the complete data here.

  • Minimal order is 100 cm / 1 meter. There is no maximal order, but we suggest to follow the Printing Maximal Length per design. The printing maximal length on each material is different, for the further information you can download the complete data of each material here.

  • For the over 100 cm order, the counting is based on the total material usage. For instance: Order fabric with 327 cm length meant the price is 3,27 m X price per meter. Prices can be checked above.

  • For the order in a huge amount, get the special prices with contacting our Customer Service on +60132006622 (whatsApp)

  • We highly recommend you to have the Sample before you order. It is recommended so you will have big pictures about the material texture and the color printing you will order

  • To make sure the color printing result, we suggest you perform a proof print/printing test earlier. For the Printing Test, make a usual order, insert on the Note column: Printing Test and input the length size 30 cm.

 Things to notice before the printing (for all sublimation item with NO MOQ).

  • Order with a large number is recommended to make a sample first. Any complaints will not be followed up if you do not make a sample.

  • Do not change the full print pattern size provided on the website. If it is proven not according to our authentic size, any complaint forms cannot be followed up. (Full print)

  • To avoid cracked printing design resolution, we recommend customer to provide the image with our printing standard.

  • For rubber printing process with a too small design, the customer must provide stroke line so in order to process of pressing and cutting rubber can be run, if there is no stroke line we are not responsible for the design result.

  • To avoid any mistakes on design printing dimension and print area, submit details of size dimension and print area in system order note.

Duration of The Production

  • Duration of production is 5-12 business day (working days). Duration of production is counted after the transfer confirmation is received. If the confirmation received before 14.00 o’clock, the process will be run on that day. After 14.00 o’clock process is counted start from tomorrow.

  • Business day means Monday to Friday, not including national holiday or mass leave holiday. For Eid Fitri and end of the year holiday, we always inform before the holiday dates.

Material Types and Printing Quality

  • Printing machine that we use is one of the best in the industry, equipped with special software to detect the colors so the printing result will be maximal.

  • To ensure our printing result is safe to be worn on your skin or even your kids we only use the ink with OEKO-Tex Class 100 certificate) Class 1. With High  quality material.

  • For fabric material, you can use from our stock. We provide many types of COTTON & POLYESTER, start from the doff color to the shiny ones, from the stiff to stretch material, from thin to thick.

  • We know the printing result and the one on the monitor have different colors. So we recommend you to have the our sample / item. It is recommended so you will have big pictures about the material texture and the color printing you will order. 

 Data File Type for Production

  • We highly recommend you to provide JPG/PNG file type.

  • If the data you are sending is going to be edited, inform our admin or write a note on the web so we can help editing the design before printing. 

  • For full print type, use Image Mode - RGB Colour aligned to our printing machine criteria. If the sent file is CMYK, we are not responsible for the different color between the printing result and your design.

  • File design resolution: 150dpi/inch.

Why is the print result color with design color on the computer different? : Check this explanation:

  • Primary color vs Secondary color

  • Primary color: color looked as the result of lighting from the back side of the monitor.

  • Secondary color: print result color looked because of light reflection

  • Materials determine the print results. Each material has its own characteristics that differentiate chemical reaction in the printing process.

  • Every material has different fiber, spinning yarn types are different, even the finishing chemical material is also different. Those kinds of things cause the ink absorption in to the fabric different.

  • Color profile setting before designing. - There are still some other minor things like the color profile when designing, special color usage, etc.

  • That is why we recommend you to use our Sample as the color benchmark and run the test printing firstly before running the printing fully to ensure the production result color aligns to what you want.

2 ways to avoid different print result::

  • Use our sample pack / item as color benchmark

  • Perform a test printing to ensure production print result fulfill your expectation.

Print Only Procedure

  • If there is a mistake when the printing is performed (stain spots, folded t-shirt, unexpected print result), we replace by reprinting with condition t-shirt is provided by the customer.

  • Make sure the fabric material use 100% polyester with white color or Broken White (BW). We do not accept printing on the colored material.

  • Give an extra length about 20 cm/design for the material shrinking approximation and for production handler.

  • After the production finish, the order will be directly delivered to the destination address. 

Things to be noticed :

  • To ensure the printing result, especially color, it had better perform a printing test.Make a sample.

  • If something wrong happened when the printing run (stain/folded material), we replace with the reprinting, but the material still provided by the buyer.

Item Returns

  • The item return limit is 1 days after the product received/picked up with item damage condition caused by the production.

Types of damage that can be claimed :

  • Printing result has stain spots

  • Folded fabric

Types of damage that cannot be claimed :

  • For the material brought by the client, make sure there is no jammed yarn. If the printing result is damaged by jammed yarn, it is considered as the client's fault.

  • Different color between the one on the monitor and the printing result if there is no printing test performed. (Keep in mind that the color printing result and the color on the monitor tend to different).

  • Fabric Shrinking. Keep in mind that each material which printed surely will get the shrinking.

  • Cracked printing result caused by small data.

Damages which can be claimed:

  • Received t-shirt size surpasses toleration limit, lack or more than 2-3 cm from the website’s size.

  • Exfoliated and skewed print result.

  • Printed design is not the same with the one sent to order system.

  • Full print t-shirt stitching is in wrong position.

Damages which cannot be claimed:

  • For t-shirt brought by the client, broken print result because of damaged material is not our responsibility.

  • The color on monitor and print result color is different (test printing is recommended).

  • Cracked print result caused by bad data file

  • Pattern dimension size is different with what we provide on the website (Full-print).

  • There is no clear detail of printing size and printing area.

Product Description

Material: Aglatex (Scuba) / Sthenolid / Hipolytex

Item/ Product: Zipper Jacket with Hoodie

Size: Width x Lenght (cm) x Sleeve


XS: 50cm x 65cm

S: 52cm x 66cm

M: 54cm x 68cm

L: 56cm x 70cm

XL: 61cm x 74cm

2XL:  64cm x 76cm

3XL: 67cm x 78cm

4XL: 70cm x 80cm

5XL: 73cm x 82cm

6XL:76cm x 84cm

7XL: 79cm x 86cm

8XL: 81cm x 88cm

  • Zipper Jacket is a kind of jacket that commonly with hood, pocket on each side, and zipper. But at you may create the jacket without hoodie. Zipper jacket is an apparel that always suitable to be mix and match with any styles. Wear one when the cold air struck to give an extra warmth. Furthermore, Zipper Jacket also protect you from direct sun exposure when riding a motorcycle.

  • Here you can design your own Fullprint Jacket Zipper. You can also add any pattern design print you like started from the front, the back side, up to the sleeve and hood of your apparel without any creativity limitations.

  • Available in sizes XS-XL. We provide materials such as: Hipolytex (thick, doff color, and a little bit velvet material), Aglatex (thick, soft textured on both sides, and stretchy on both sides material), Sthenolid (thick, soft textured on both sides, and stretchy on both sides, and more stretchy than Aglatex material).

  • All the Zipper Jackets we produce has a strong rib on its sleeve edges, and bottom; neatly sewn joints makes it durable; best quality fabric material and printing. Let's create yours!

(Price include Fabric or Product with Full  Printing)

Full Printing means the whole part of this item is your printing area.

*Final result product size tolerance is 2-3 cm. Gives a 2-8 cm gap (depend on the product) between the design and pattern to avoid being cut by stitching. Cut design is beyond of our responsibility. For bulk order, it is highly recommended to make a sample in advance. We are not responsible if the result is cut by stitching.

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