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  • Coupon are not valid in conjuction with other promotions or discounts on selected item.

  • Coupon or Points are earned and redeemable by the e-mail address on members account only.

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  • We hold the right to cancel an account at any time without any prior notice.

  • Lifetime membership. Unused Points never expire.

  • ​Coupon validity is limited in time. This Guideline overrides any invidual coupon policy.

  • Additional terms and conditions may be specified in relation to specific Coupon Code (For example; duration, eligibility, discount amount and products covered), and will govern the use and redemption of those coupons.

  • has the right to change awards,guidelines, and restrictions at any time without any prior notice.

  • 1 coupon only for 1 customers and 1 order only.