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Deals of the day
Full Print Bomber Jacket
Material: Aglatex (Scuba) / Sthenolid / Hipolytex Item/ Product: Bomber Jacket Size: Width x Lenght (cm) x Sleeve Size: XS: 49cm x 60cm S: 52cm x 62cm M: 55c..
Special price:RM225.00
Old price:RM400.00
You save:RM175.00
Full Print Futsal Football Jersey- O-Neck
Item/ Product: Futsal V-Neck / Futsal O-Neck Material: Microfiber (Quick Dry) / Hivetex   Jersey futsal, a must have item for futsal and football lovers. Y..
Special price:RM160.00
Old price:RM290.00
You save:RM130.00
Full Print Apollo Cap (8 Panel)
 Material: Hipolytex Size: 6 Panel : ( Diameter -18-20 cm X Height 14-18 cm) 8 Panel : (Diameter 18-20 cm x Height 14 -18 cm)   We never feel e..
Special price:RM110.00
Old price:RM190.00
You save:RM80.00
Full Print Neo Handbags- 25cm x 22cm x 30cm x 11cm
 Material: Canvas Polycanvas/ Colatex Size: All size : (Panjang 25 cm x Lebar bawah 22 cm x Lebar Atas 30cm x Tinggi 11 cm)   There is no way you ..
Special price:RM190.00
Old price:RM340.00
You save:RM150.00
Full Print Badminton Backpack- 60cm x 40cm x 15cm
Badminton Backpack 60cm x 40cm x 15cm Material: Canvas Polycanvas / Collatex Size: One Size : 60 cm x 40 cm x 15 cm   Once you decide to live a heal..
Special price:RM220.00
Old price:RM390.00
You save:RM170.00

Miscellaneous Series

Miscellaneous Series
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Item: 11 IN 1 FUNCTION KNIFE PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 4cm [L] X 1.3cm [H]  Colour Silver, Blue Packing Nylon Pouch Weight ..
RM22.00 RM11.00
Item: 2 IN 1 FOLDABLE MAT & BAG PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 20cm [L] X 12cm [H] Size Open - 100cm(L) x 140cm(H)   Folded - 48cm(L) x..
RM89.00 RM45.00
Item:  3 IN 1 COMFORT TRAVELLING SET PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 20cm [L] X 10cm [H] Included Inflatable Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Ear Plug, Pouch Size ..
RM22.00 RM11.00
Item: 4 IN 1 CUTLERY SET & FUNCTION KNIFE PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 3cm [L] X 1.3cm [H]  Colour Red, Blue Packing Nylon Pouch Weight ..
RM35.00 RM16.50
Item:  4 IN 1 MINI TOOLSET PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 4cm [L] X 1.5cm [H] Colour Blue, Red, Silver Packing Nylon Pouch Weight 45g/pc ..
RM25.00 RM11.50
Item:  ANIMAL COIN BOX PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 4cm [L] X 3cm [H] Size 24cm(L) x 9.7cm(W) x 15cm(H) Material ABS Colour Green, Yello..
RM38.00 RM19.00
Item:  CAN OPENER PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 6cm [L] X 4cm [H]   Material Plastic + Metal Colour Red, Black, Blue, White Packing ..
RM7.50 RM4.00
Item:  CARD HOLDER WITH MOBILE STAND PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 1.5cm [L] X 6cm [H] Size 9.5cm(L) x 5.8cm(H) Material Silicone Colour ..
RM9.00 RM4.50
Item:  COMFORT TRAVELLING PILLOW PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 11cm [L] X 5cm [H] Included Inflatable Pillow & Pouch Size 43.5cm(L) x 27.5cm(H)&..
RM36.00 RM18.00
Item:  Cooling Sport Towel PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - cm [L] X cm [H] Size 80cm(L) x 30cm(H) - towel Colour Green, White, Blue, Pink ..
RM28.00 RM14.00
Item:  EMERGENCY TOOLKIT PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 1.5cm [L] X 3.5cm [H]  PRINTNG SIZE: [UV PRINT] - 1.5cm [L] X 3.5cm [H]   Contains with LED flashlight, hammer &&n..
RM36.00 RM18.00
Item:  FIRST AID KT WITH KEY RING PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 8cm [L] X 2.5cm [H] Included Adhesive Bandage Strip, Gauze Pad, Cotton Tipped Applicator, Alcohol Pa..
RM21.00 RM11.00
Item: PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - POUCH - 20cm [L] X 8cm [H]  PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - BLANKET - 28cm [L] X 10cm [H] Size 130cm(L) x 160cm(H) Material Fle..
RM59.00 RM29.00
Item:MINI FAN PEN PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 2cm [L] X 4.5cm [H] Size 2.4cm(D) x 12cm(H) Material ABS Colour Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yel..
RM14.00 RM7.00
Item: MULTIPURPOSE HOLDER PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 3.5cm [L] X 0.8cm [H] Material Silicone Colour Black, White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue ..
RM33.00 RM16.50
Item: MULTIFUNCTION KEY HOLDER   Included With Measurement Tape Material Plastic + Metal Colour Red, Blue,&nb..
RM14.00 RM7.00
Item:  MULTIPURPOSE CASE PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 3.5cm [L] X 2.5cm [H] Size 10.5cm(L) x 6.5cm (W) x 3.0cm(H) Material ABS Colour Bl..
RM12.00 RM6.00
Item:  Multipurpose Cloth PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 20cm [L] X 10cm [H] Size 30cm(L) x 30cm(H) Material Microfiber Colour Purple, Pin..
RM12.00 RM6.00
Item:  PONE HOLDER WITH CAR FRESHNER PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 3cm [L] X 4cm [H]  PRINTNG SIZE: [UV PRINT] - 3cm [L] X 4cm [H] Material Plastic Colour Red, Blue,..
RM19.00 RM9.50
Item:  PONG PONG STICK PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 28cm [L] X 6cm [H] Size 60cm(L) x 10cm(H) Material PE Colour Red, Orange, Yellow, Bl..
RM3.80 RM1.80
Item:  PORTABLE DUSTBIN PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 6cm [L] X 3.5cm [H] Size 17cm(H) x 10cm(D) Material ABS Colour Blue, Red, Yellow, G..
RM40.00 RM20.00
Item:  PORTABLE WEIGHING SCALE PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 4cm [L] X 3cm [H] Include Measurement Tape Material Plastic + Metal Colour B..
RM58.00 RM29.00
Item:  PP HAND FAN PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 14cm [L] X 12cm [H]  Size 17cm(L) x 18cm(H) Colour Black, Blue, Red Packing ..
RM3.00 RM1.50
ITEM: PU PASSPORT HOLDER PRINTING METHOD/ SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 7cm [L] X 9cm [H] Size 10cm(L) x 14cm(H) Material PU Leather Colour Black, White, Blue, Maroon Packing Black Box ..
RM45.00 RM20.00
Item:  PVC LUGGAGE TAG PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 7.5cm [L] X 2.5cm [H] Material PVC Size 3.8cm(L) x 25cm(H) Colour Blue,&nb..
RM9.80 RM5.00
Item:  SPORT POUCH PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 13cm [L] X 5cm [H] Material PVC + Polyester Size 25.5cm(L) x 12cm(H) / 5.5" ..
RM36.00 RM18.00
ITEM: STYLISH PU ID HOLDER PRINTING METHOD/ SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 5cm [L] X 5cm [H] Size 7cm(L) x 10.8cm(H) Material PU Colour Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green ..
RM25.00 RM11.50
Item: TRAVEL TOILETRIES SET PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 6cm [L] X 6cm[H]  Contains Toothbrush + Toothpaste +Bamboo Face Towel + Plastic Bottle Si..
RM29.00 RM14.50
Item:  WATERPROOF POUCH WITH LANYARD PRINTNG SIZE: [SILKSCREEN] - 5.5cm [L] X 11cm [H]  Size 10.5cm(L) x 17.5cm(H) Material PVC Colour ..
RM18.00 RM9.00