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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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RQ : Can I Order Blank Products?

A    : If you’re hoping to enjoy one of our products without the imprint added, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you just need blank products to use as supplies, or want to give them a try before requesting imprints. No problem! Most of our products are available without an imprint.  While others will still require a minimum quantity, even without an imprint added. There are no setup charges for blank orders.


RQ : Can I Order Different Quantities?​

A    : yes, with some restrictions. Most of our items have a minimum order quantity. This is the lowest number that you can possibly order. As long as the number you want to order is above the minimum quantity, you can order products to your heart's content with the help of our bulk price with free 1 colour printing & delivery (terms & conditions apply). 


Don't worry! We're not going to force you to do any crazy math to figure out how much your items will cost.  There are some items that are packaged in case quantities, just to make sure they ship safely. A “case quantity” refers to the number of items that fit nicely within a shipment box. While not all products requiring case quantities are breakable, this is especially true for fragile products like ceramic or glass drinkware. If your order requires a case quantity,we will inform or contact you the minimum amount of items you can order per case before payment / place order!



There are some benefits to placing larger orders. Not only will you have items on hand for multiple events, but the production costs for our suppliers will be lower, which means you'll have a lower cost per item. Ask your customer service representative about placing a large order!


RQ : Can I Order Fewer than the Minimum?​

A    : Each item we sell does have its own minimum quantity amount. The minimum quantity is the least amount of items we can sell you based on the particular product chosen. 

Sometimes More is Less!

In addition, the amount it would cost to produce a very small order would be crazy high. Because printing is expensive and labor intensive, it's much more cost-effective to buy these items in bulk than in small packs. Production is just more expensive when you're handling fewer branded items!  And you wouldn't want to pay more moneys each for  1 or 2 custom item (products), would you? Neither would we!


RQ : What Are Payment Terms?​

A    : Our payment terms are 100% prepayment. Before production can begin, all outstanding balances must be paid in full. By signing the order acknowledgment or completing your online order form, you're entering into a contractual agreement with Stalion™, which gives us permission to apply any outstanding balance to the payment method provided.


All new customers are required to prepay 100% before production can begin. If there are any outstanding balances. We will processing your order after full payment. The charges will be applied to your account (when you pay via online transfer@ maybank2u) on file at any point before, during, or after your order. But don't worry! Our team is here to assist you and make sure you know of any charges before production.


RQ : Can I Order a Single Item in Multiple Colors?​

A    : Fear not, this may be possible! It all just depends on the item you choose. Certain products can be seperated into a few colors of your choice, while others are available in only one color per order. There's also the chance that you can order your product in a random assortment of different colors, which is most likely an option for small, inexpensive items like pens. 


Choose Your Colors

No matter what color combination you have in mind, we have a variety of choices that can work for you. Please note: you have the option to choose more than one imprint color, but every extra color you choose will be an additional cost.


RQ : What Are Some General Disclaimers to be Aware of ?​

A    : Display Color Compared to Physical Object -The products shown are for demonstration purposes only. Actual product and color may vary slightly from what is displayed on your computer.

Stalion™ reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Should  Stalion™ (at its own discretion) determine that an order may be fraudulent, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any such order for any reason, at any time. We enforce this policy to ensure a secure, professional, and convenient online shopping environment for all our customers.


RQ : How Do I Check My Order Status?​

A    :  We know you can't wait to receive your order items! That's why at Stalion™ , we keep you in the loop on all things relating to your order, every step of the way.

When it comes to processing your order, you’ll never be left in the dark! Upon submitting a request for virtual proofs or placing your order, our team will continue notifying you every time your products have moved to the next step in the ordering process. 

You’ll receive an email after approval, after production has begun, when they have shipped, and after delivery!


RQ : What are your preferred image formats for artwork submissions ?​

A    :  .EPS, .AI,  (in vector format with fonts converted to outlines or curves). If sending vector/print-ready artwork (.ai, .eps) with embedded fonts, please be sure that all fonts are converted to curves or outlines to avoid any font substitutions. 

RQ : What else should I know about vector graphics?​

A    : Vector Graphics are typically generated using drawing or illustration programs (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw), and are composed of mathematically-defined geometric shapes, such as lines, objects, and fills. Since vectors entail both magnitude and direction, vector elements are comprised of line segments whose length represents magnitude and whose orientation in space represents direction.

Vector graphics are easily modified within some applications, and are usually not affected by scaling (enlarging or reducing their size). Because vector elements are mathematically-defined, scaling simply requires modification of their mathematical locations. However, vector files do not support photographic imagery well and can often be problematic for cross-platform exchange. Vector graphics are typically saved in EPS format.


RQ : How do I send you my artwork?​

A    :  Alternatively, you can email it to or your Customer Care Rep. You can also attach it to your order confirmation email, and send it back. When emailing your artwork, please provide your order number in the message, preferably on the subject line.


RQ : What is a virtual proof? What am I supposed to do with it?

A    :  Your Customer Care Rep will email a free virtual proof (a digital preview of your artwork on the product) to ensure your complete satisfaction before we begin production. If you need to make changes, we will work with you to get your artwork exactly the way you want it, and that’s the goal of the virtual proof. 

Product customization, or production, will only begin when you are completely satisfied with your virtual proof, so you know your promotional products will convey your branding message professionally and accurately!


RQ : Will I see a virtual proof (photoshopped preview of my product) before my order goes into production?​

A    : Yes! You will always see a virtual proof of your item. That’s because you must approve the art, location and overall appearance of your product before we produce it.


RQ : Do you keep my art on file?​

A    : No.


RQ : Can I cancel or change my order?​

A    : You can cancel your order if the order hasn't been APPROVED (meaning virtual proof has been confirmed and transactions / payment has been charged). We know that changes may occur, and will work with you to come to a resolution which is in the best interest of both parties. The best way to avoid cancellation fees is to be 100% confident that you want to move forward with your order. Please make your selections carefully and thoughtfully.


RQ : How do Trademarks Work ?​ IMPORTANT NOTICES​

A    : No one with artwork of their own would want it used without their permission, right? We love working to put your fantastic logo and designs on promotional products, but at the end of the day, all of your artwork remains strictly yours. In fact, all logos and trademarks created by a company automatically become registered trademarks and logos of their respective owners and copyright holders. With that said, we'll only use your design with your permission, or with the permission of any authorized agents or affiliates. In other words, your design will only be use for the lawful purpose of executing your order.


Using Your Intellectual Property

When you submit your artwork, you're giving us the right to use your intellectual property on your promotional merchandise. This includes any logo, statement, graphic, name, photograph, or any other creative work you submit for printing.


We’re Not Liable

All customers must agree to hold Stalion™ harmless from any claims, suits, or actions alleging that promotional merchandise ordered by the customer violates or infringes upon the rights of any third party.


Promote Responsibility

When you place an order with Stalion™ , you're responsible for obtaining permissions and licenses from third parties whose rights may be violated or infringed. To use any logo, trademark, or copyrighted items, a customer MUST have written permission from the owner of the logo, trademark, or copyright. A customer may NOT use any logo or other graphic material in a manner infringing upon copyright, or in a vulgar, libelous, disparaging, or otherwise unlawful manner. Stalion™  assumes no responsibility for damages or wrongdoing caused by a customer using an unlawful logo, trademark, or copyrighted item. We are not held liable for the unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of any logo, trademark, or copyright printed on or otherwise applied to promotional merchandise ordered through Stalion™.