Make Your Own Custom Design Slip On Shoes Here!

Make your own custom design slip on shoes here!

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Slip on shoes are shoe items that are most fitting for casual activities. Put it on without the need to tie shoelaces is a practical offering. This cannot be gained from other shoes. It is such a cool item that give versatile characters that are suitable for various activities. Now all shoe lover...

Custom Made Full Printing Shoes (Custom Online Shoemaking Services)

Custom made full printing shoes (custom online shoemaking services)

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There are many types of shoes in the garment industry ranging from formal to casual style. All are created to meet the needs of each which is certainly different. Feeling curious? Read to the end to find out about its services. Here are some types of shoes complete with tips for proper use: Vario...

NCR Bill Book Printing (Lebih 700 design template dalam editor)

Ncr bill book printing (lebih 700 design template dalam editor)

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Video kat bawah ni, cara kat mana korang boleh dapatkan template nak cetak buku resit (NCR Bill Book, Official Receipt & others). Korang boleh edit edit sahaja.  Untuk Followers dan customers yang follow facebook page, register member dekat official website, twitter dan follow instagram,...

Get Million Icon with Our Online Editor in minutes. Read This

Get million icon with our online editor in minutes. read this

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If u read my previous article about Flaticon Editor. Here i want to share about our design editor. Means how u can get the icon (SVG Format) without need to download and  reupload the icon again and again from flaticon to Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator or any design software. If u familiar with...

How to Find Icon/Logo / Vector or cliparts for studio Pro A & B and How to Change the colour?

How to find icon/logo / vector or cliparts for studio pro a & b and how to change the colour?

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How to Find Icon/ Logo or cliparts for studio Pro A & B and how to change the color?  (Bagaimana nak cari icon atau cliparts dn tukar warna item tersebut). Please Follow this step.Actually all this video for studio B, but the process is same for our studio A.  1- search your...

Editing icons has never been easier! Use this Tool from ICONFINDER.  Read This.

Editing icons has never been easier! use this tool from iconfinder. read this.

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I found  some tool and its very helpful. You can use it tis icon editor with our online design tool. So u can save your time. I think its awesome.   ICONFINDER ICON EDITOR Credit for: How to change the color of icons using Icon Editor? To recolor an ...

Good News For Our Customer. Read This

Good news for our customer. read this

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Start 16 October 2019, we remove all cliparts from our studio B.  But Our Studio Added awesome features resource from flaticon. Here you can search/ browse and change colour for every icon you choose. But the Limit 100 icon per hours for FREE. ( i will check it again if its per hours or per ...

How To remove background automatically with this tool. Read This

How to remove background automatically with this tool. read this

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Credit for: REMOVE BG TOOL (FREE) Remove backgrounds automatically Think removing backgrounds from photos is a fiddly task taking a lot of time and attention to detail? Even with the most professional software? Guess what? Not anymore! With, anyone can cut o...

How to remove background for logo? Can do that?

How to remove background for logo? can do that?

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Of course our online studio can do that. but your logo must SVG format. If you only have jpeg format its okay, dont worry and be happy. we will guide you how to filter and remove it.  Step 1 (Only for SVG file)   Step 2 (For Jpg,Jpeg,Png) format. But from...

Trend Sublimation Tshirt 2019. Menarik Tak?

Trend sublimation tshirt 2019. menarik tak?

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Fuh, lama tak update blog, almaklum sibuk nak siapkan studio. Syukur sangat, website baru ni, rasa agak selamat sedikit nak menulis dekat blog, kalau dlu zaman website lama, agak jenuh edit dan tulis balik artikel yang pandai hilang dan pandai kena padam sendiri. Pelik tapi benar. So, mana artikel l...